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Presentation Seagarden AS 



Seagarden ASA was established in 1999 as a marine ingredients company. Seagarden´s activities are founded on both long traditions and cutting-edge technologies within development and production of savoury marine ingredients. The company headquarter is located in Avaldsnes, the west coast of Norway. Production operations are located close to the raw material sources along Norway´s Atlantic Coastline. 

Seagarden took over the responsibility of Rieber´s (today Orkla) marine powders and extracts per December 2009. The production of all seafood powders continued at Rieber´s plant till 2010. From 2011, the production of fish powders operate from Seagarden´s new plant. 

Seagarden produce the same high quality standard as Rieber produced in the past. 

All products in Seagarden´s portfolio are according the national Norwegian laws and the strictest rules for sustainable fishing. The fishing areas for all marine products are regulated in FAO (United Nations World Food and Agriculture Org). 

Natural seafood powders and extracts are produced from high quality fresh, frozen raw materials. The policy is to only use raw materials from sustainable resources, which ensure a long- term consistency of supply and product quality. After heat treatment the raw materials are either air or vacuum dried and milled. A few selected products are available as granules.

Product Range

Seagarden´s product range 
White Fish Products
  • Fish Powder
  • Codfish Powder
  • White Fish Powder
  • Arctic Fish Powder
  • Fish Protein Extract Powder 
Salmon Products 
  • Smoked Salmon Powder
  • Salmon Powder
  • Smoked Salmon Granulate
  • Salmon Granulate 
Shellfish Products 
  • Shrimp Powder
  • Shrimpshell Powder
  • Crab Powder
  • Squid Powder
  • Scampi Powder
  • Mussel Powder
  • Shellfish Powder
  • Lobster Extract Powder 
Seafood Pastes 
  • Fish Protein Extract
  • Lobster Extract 
Applications include 
  • Soups, sauces, casseroles, fonds and bouillons
  • Flavours and composite ingredient blends
  • Snacks, biscuits, dips and dressings
  • Pasta fillings
  • Baby foods 


Here you can download the Link wHc TPZ klein productlist