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Presentation Orkla and Vitana 



Rieber & Søn ASA (today: Orkla) was founded in Bergen, Norway in 1839 by Paul Gottlieb Rieber. In 1948, the brand TORO was launched to produce and market a bouillon cube. The TORO brand quickly became the market leader in Norway for dehydrated consumer products, a position it has enjoyed for many years. Today, Orkla produces an extensive range of dehydrated consumer food products and ingredients in Scandinavia and Central & Eastern Europe. Rieber & Søn was listed in the Oslo Stock Exchange in 1987 and the company continues to extend its food businesses in Scandinavia and Central & Eastern Europe by organic growth and acquisition. 

Orkla ASA manufactures products in Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, The Czech Republic and Poland. The company Orkla ASA bought Rieber & Søn ASA in 2012. 

The range includes 
  • Hydrolysed vegetable protein (HVP)
  • Process flavours
  • Stocks / fonds / bouillons
  • Beef Extract Powders
  • A variety of unique, tailor- made ingredients
  • Products for the food service sector 


Hydrolysed vegetable protein 

HVP is produced from soy, maize and wheat or compositions of all three. The HVP can be supplied as liquid, in paste or powder form. Vitanas HVP is made from raw materials and ingredients which are GMO free as defined in current EU Directives. 

Process flavours

Process flavours are produced by using the controlled Maillard reaction of selected, high quality protein substrates. The reaction is controlled to give variations in flavours profiles such as roasted, fried, juicy, boiled, baked or savoury. The flavours are produced in accordance with the current EU Flavouring Directives. 

Bouillon & stock powders and pastes 

Bouillon & stock powders and pastes are composite blends containing many in- house produced characterizing ingredients. The bouillon and stock blends can be used as savoury base in traditional cooking, or as a base to suit a particular taste profile in any manufactured savoury food product.

Beef Extract Powders 

The high quality Beef Extracts in powder form are made from raw materials supplied from Latin America. Guaranteed produced from disease free cattle and from EU and veterinary approved producers.


Here you can download the productlists: Link wHc TPZ klein Orkla and Link wHc TPZ klein  Vitana