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Raw Materials

Raw materials for food supplements

for example Citrus Bioflavonoids, Coenzym Q10, Curcuma, Lutein, Grape Seed Extract and many more.

 Overview Raw Materials Link wHc TPZ klein Food Supplements

Raw materials for food

for example Coenzym Q10, Fish Protein, Bouillons and Stocks, HVP, Beef Extracts, Fish Powder and -Granules, Process Flavouring, Selenium Yeast, etc..

Overview Raw Materials Link wHc TPZ klein Food 

We are the German partner of the companies Orkla, Vitana and Seagarden.

Here you can download their productlists: 

Download Productlist Link wHc TPZ klein Orkla and Vitana      (Process Flavouring, Bouillons and Stocks, HVP, Beef Extract, etc.)

Download Productlist Link wHc TPZ klein Seagarden      (Fish Powder and -Granules, Fish Protein, Seafood Powder)


Contract vacuum and spray drying


for food, nutraceutical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical ingredients

Link wHc TPZ kleinLIS - Lesaffre Ingredients Services 


Please use our Link wHc TPZ klein contact form if you need more information.



We are pleased to introduce you our range of raw materials.

We are the distributor of the companies Orkla ASA (Flavors), Vitana AS (HVPs and Beef Extracts) and Seagarden (Fish Powders and –extracts). We are active in the following areas of the food industry, spices, meat, soup and sauces, flavors.

We also represent the company Roelmi HPC and Pharmactive Biotech Products in Germany and Austria with innovative and high quality raw materials. With these products we target the health food industry for products like food supplement, foods for special medical purposes and medical device products.

But these products cover only a part of the raw materials we offer. If you havey anquestions please do not hesitate to Link wHc TPZ klein contact us.


Our Partner companies:

Partner Orkla

Partner Vitana

Partner Seagarden

Partner LIS

Partner Pharmactive

Partner Depp Eggbrain

Partner Principium rolemi hpcl

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