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wHc-Service GmbH

Who we are and what we can do for you

wHc-Service offers raw materials for the core areas of food ingredients (such as soups, sauces and spice industry) and food supplements. But moreover we also offer further services like development of new products and product concepts based on customer´s demand as well as tailor made finished products which are being handled via our affiliated company Link wHc TPZ klein NemPro GmbH.

LIS - Lesaffre Ingredients Services

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Lesaffre Ingredients Services is the European specialist in contract drying for food, nutraceutical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical ingredients. A strategy of sustained growth has enabled them to bring together an unbeatable offer: effective and sizable capabilities, confirmed experience and fully available teams.

With two production sites ideally situated in Europe and 50 years of experience in the spray drying of hundreds of different products, Lesaffre Ingredients Services (LIS) is your partner of choice for all your drying needs.  



Company philosophy 

  • Strict confidentiality 
  • Precision: compliance with the specifications, detailed quality records and fast forwarding of information
  • Transparency: opportunity to participate in tests and examinations on site
  • Customer orientation at all levels within the company
  • Contract manufacturing is our core business
  • Flexible design of production schedules and requirements adaptable production system




Partner end products


HTB Vita Pharma

Herr Tamas Horányi

Angensteinerstrasse 22

CH-4153 Reinach

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Presentation Seagarden AS 



Seagarden ASA was established in 1999 as a marine ingredients company. Seagarden´s activities are founded on both long traditions and cutting-edge technologies within development and production of savoury marine ingredients. The company headquarter is located in Avaldsnes, the west coast of Norway. Production operations are located close to the raw material sources along Norway´s Atlantic Coastline. 

Seagarden took over the responsibility of Rieber´s (today Orkla) marine powders and extracts per December 2009. The production of all seafood powders continued at Rieber´s plant till 2010. From 2011, the production of fish powders operate from Seagarden´s new plant. 

Seagarden produce the same high quality standard as Rieber produced in the past. 

All products in Seagarden´s portfolio are according the national Norwegian laws and the strictest rules for sustainable fishing. The fishing areas for all marine products are regulated in FAO (United Nations World Food and Agriculture Org). 

Natural seafood powders and extracts are produced from high quality fresh, frozen raw materials. The policy is to only use raw materials from sustainable resources, which ensure a long- term consistency of supply and product quality. After heat treatment the raw materials are either air or vacuum dried and milled. A few selected products are available as granules.

Presentation Orkla and Vitana 



Rieber & Søn ASA (today: Orkla) was founded in Bergen, Norway in 1839 by Paul Gottlieb Rieber. In 1948, the brand TORO was launched to produce and market a bouillon cube. The TORO brand quickly became the market leader in Norway for dehydrated consumer products, a position it has enjoyed for many years. Today, Orkla produces an extensive range of dehydrated consumer food products and ingredients in Scandinavia and Central & Eastern Europe. Rieber & Søn was listed in the Oslo Stock Exchange in 1987 and the company continues to extend its food businesses in Scandinavia and Central & Eastern Europe by organic growth and acquisition. 

Orkla ASA manufactures products in Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, The Czech Republic and Poland. The company Orkla ASA bought Rieber & Søn ASA in 2012. 

The range includes 
  • Hydrolysed vegetable protein (HVP)
  • Process flavours
  • Stocks / fonds / bouillons
  • Beef Extract Powders
  • A variety of unique, tailor- made ingredients
  • Products for the food service sector 




We are the contact person regarding Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein (HVP), Process Flavours, Bouillon and Stock Powders & Pastes and Beef Extract Powder in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

read more ... Link wHc TPZ klein  Orkla ASA / Vitana AS 



We represent the products of the company Seagarden in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the food- and pet food area.

read more ... Link wHc TPZ klein  Seagarden AS



Our partner for research.

read more ... Link wHc TPZ klein  Bio Active Food 




 Our partner for end products - Switzerland

read more ... Link wHc TPZ klein  HTB Vita Pharma




LIS Lesaffre Ingredients Service

LIS Lesaffre Ingredients Service

Orkla Foods Norge

Orkla Foods Norge



Seagarden Artic Seafood Ingredients

Seagarden Artic Seafood Ingredients

Pharmactive Natural Products Safran Knoblauch

Pharmactive Natural Products Safran Knoblauch



We are pleased to introduce you our range of raw materials.

We are the distributor of the companies Orkla ASA (Flavors), Vitana AS (HVPs and Beef Extracts) and Seagarden (Fish Powders and –extracts). We are active in the following areas of the food industry, spices, meat, soup and sauces, flavors.

We also represent the company Roelmi HPC and Pharmactive Biotech Products in Germany and Austria with innovative and high quality raw materials. With these products we target the health food industry for products like food supplement, foods for special medical purposes and medical device products.

But these products cover only a part of the raw materials we offer. If you havey anquestions please do not hesitate to Link wHc TPZ klein contact us.


Our Partner companies:

Partner Orkla

Partner Vitana

Partner Seagarden

Partner LIS

Partner Pharmactive

Partner Depp Eggbrain

Partner Principium rolemi hpcl

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To have a clear differentiation between the raw material business and finished product business, all private label products are being distributed by our affiliated company NemPro GmbH.

More information about product development of food supplements, private label products etc. can be found on the NemPro website Link wHc TPZ klein http://www.nempro.eu

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