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wHc-Service GmbH

Who we are and what we can do for you

wHc-Service offers raw materials for the core areas of food ingredients (such as soups, sauces and spice industry) and food supplements. But moreover we also offer further services like development of new products and product concepts based on customer´s demand as well as tailor made finished products which are being handled via our affiliated company Link wHc TPZ klein NemPro GmbH.


We, the company wHc-Service GmbH, are a mid – sized company in Neuenbürg.

Our product range includes Link wHc TPZ klein food supplements and various high quality Link wHc TPZ klein raw materials for the Link wHc TPZ klein food- and food supplement industry.

Further information regarding the development of food supplements, private label products, etc. you will find on the website of our subsidiary Link wHc TPZ klein NemPro GmbH.

If you are interest in our own food supplement ranges “Balance”, “SanViture” , “naturPur” and “Calduna” please visit our website Link wHc TPZ klein www.SanViture.eu.


We are pleased to introduce you our range of raw materials.

We are the distributor of the companies Orkla ASA (Flavors), Vitana AS (HVPs and Beef Extracts) and Seagarden (Fish Powders and –extracts). We are active in the following areas of the food industry, spices, meat, soup and sauces, flavors.

We also represent the company Roelmi HPC and Pharmactive Biotech Products in Germany and Austria with innovative and high quality raw materials. With these products we target the health food industry for products like food supplement, foods for special medical purposes and medical device products.

But these products cover only a part of the raw materials we offer. If you havey anquestions please do not hesitate to Link wHc TPZ klein contact us.


Our Partner companies:

Partner Orkla

Partner Vitana

Partner Seagarden

Partner LIS

Partner Pharmactive

Partner Depp Eggbrain

Partner Principium rolemi hpcl

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To have a clear differentiation between the raw material business and finished product business, all private label products are being distributed by our affiliated company NemPro GmbH.

More information about product development of food supplements, private label products etc. can be found on the NemPro website Link wHc TPZ klein http://www.nempro.eu

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